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INVEST IN BIH? MAKE BUSINESS WITH BIH? INVEST IN BIH? MAKE BUSINESS WITH BIH? "Bosnia and Herzegovina . . . good manpower, good clients, good results. Is there a need for something else?” Jean-Francois Le Roch Initiator of having INTERMARCHE, the French group, enter B&H...[more]

Belt and Road Forum May 14th Beijing Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, that was held in Beijing on May 14th was a great opportunity to exchange opinions and suggstions about the future of this Initiative. Even though it was suggested by Chinese side, Initiative can give ...[more]

INTERNATIONAL SARAJEVO TOURISM FESTIVAL Skenderija Center Sarajevo 19.-21.10.2017. We invite: Tourist communities, organizations and associations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and region; Travel agencies and tour operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad; Owners of hotels, b...[more]


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